Firewall testing

  Proxy Worm 15:45 09 Feb 2004

I am using the gibson website to test- at the moments its all stealth but was wandering as i have heard how and where can you do a gibson leak test as i cant see it anywhere on the page?


  christmascracker 15:48 09 Feb 2004
  dth 15:48 09 Feb 2004

Have a look again at the options on the gibson home page

  Proxy Worm 15:57 09 Feb 2004

i have downbloaded it but rread all of it but dont really get how to use it....any help...i am using zonealarm.

  rawprawn 16:31 09 Feb 2004

All you need to do is download it, open it and press the button "Test for Leaks" if you are running Zone Alarm as you say , you will get a request from ZA asking if you want to allow it to connect to the internet. Press NO then read what Leak Test says. It should say it could not connect to the internet. Then try again & this time tell ZA to allow it to connect It should say Connected. That is the test complete.

  Proxy Worm 17:08 09 Feb 2004

Basically i did it an pressed no and it didnt connect and then pressed yes and it connecteed- is this safe?

  rawprawn 17:42 09 Feb 2004

Yup you got it, no problems then !it's as simple as that.

  Proxy Worm 17:47 09 Feb 2004

BUt...aint it a security risk if if lets it through? when presing yes?

  Stuartli 17:48 09 Feb 2004

You need to use the ShieldsUp! and Ports tests on Steve Gibson's website.

  Stuartli 17:48 09 Feb 2004

Sorry, misread the thread....:-)

  Proxy Worm 17:51 09 Feb 2004

dont worry,
i understand now!
Thanks everyone

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