Firewall Query

  Ebonytiger 15:48 28 Dec 2003

I have networked 2 computers through a router to enable joint access to cable broadband. At present 1 computer has Norton's Firewall and the other has Zonealarm (the free version). I am about to upgrade the latter with Windows XP and would like to know whether the router's hardware firewall would be a safer option and are the software ones still needed or do they conflict?

  matt1234 16:36 28 Dec 2003

well i think norton will kick up more of a fuss than zonelabs i reckon if you take norton off and put zonealarm on the machine that has norton on shouldnt conflict as my laptop is on a network and all the other machines run zonealarm and thier is no problem!

The hardware firewall maybe good enough depends on your hardware but it is still better as a percaution to use the firewalls on the computers as zonealarm wacthes all the ports on the computers!

  dth 16:59 28 Dec 2003

As your router has a hardware firewall included you do not need the software firewalls (Nortons or ZoneAlarm) on your two P/Cs.

Hardware firewalls are more secure than software ones.

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