Firewall protection on networked PC's

  joncuk 11:33 07 Mar 2005

Shutting the stable door
Hi, I am in a situation with two networked pc's one Win 98 the other XP. I kept putting off installing a firewall onto the XP machine (Zonealarm free 15 day trial version). Then one day i was "discovered". Every body and his dog was getting into my XP machine. To cut a long story short i have now intalled zonealarm but spybot and adaware along with sophos AV are struggling to keep up with the constant barrage of hits. In desperation I have disconnected the XP from the broadband and am now trying to clean up... It now seems that I have to reformat and re-instal as restore option appears to not complete to any restore point. My question is; are my problems down to bugs present on my system or is there still an open door somewhere where these hijackers can get in?

  spikeychris 16:16 07 Mar 2005

Whats actually happening?

  joncuk 10:56 08 Mar 2005

As soon as the broadband is activated on this machine i get page after page of stuff about phone ring tones, various sites seem to load themselves up on the screen. I then Disconnect the internet and spend ages having to close down screen after screen of web pages that i know nothing about..


  FelixTCat 11:12 08 Mar 2005

What I would suggest is that you keep off the internet until Spybot and Adaware have cleaned up everything they can. Then go into the firewall configuration and set it to the maximum security level and bar access to ALL programs without asking you first.

Also check whether one of the options allowed in the firewall is to prevent pop-up windows.

Then reconnect to the internet. Every program that wants to connect will now pop up a box saying something like "XXXX.exe wants to connect to the internet. Allow, deny or automatically configure?"

There may be other options, like allow once.

Only allow out programs you recognise. Note all the unusual names and either google them or, if you don't get a result, come back here with them.

You could also go into Internet Explorer's options and set it to the highest security and privacy levels.

This will be painful at first, because access to some on-line processes (e.g. banking) normally require pop-up windows, but you can relax the options gradually as you manage the situation better.

You might also like to check out Mozilla Firefox as an alternate browser: click here

It does seem to be a lot better than IE at controlling al that rubbish.

  joncuk 09:58 09 Mar 2005

OK will try that.

The last time I set the defences to high, i was unable to access btinternet account.

I have heard of this Mozilla, I might try the link you suggest as an alternative to IE6
Thanx, joncuk

  Strawballs 11:07 09 Mar 2005

Have you tried going into internet options and deleteing all of the cookies.

  joncuk 14:03 09 Mar 2005

NO , I hadn't thought of that. My concern is that even with the firewall set to medium where I thought I was visible though unaccessable to incoming. Then all this unwanted spam just seems to flood in.


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