Firewall Problem

  SHUNNA 11:14 26 Jan 2005

The free edition of Zone Alarm has started to cause problems on my pc. Sometimes it`s o.k then other times it causes the Page Can`t be Found message on all searches. Switching ZA off always cures the problem.
O.S is Win xp pro and windows firewall is selected off.
I have a 3Com Router with internal firewall which is selected on.
Do I need ZA with the router firewall or what is the recommended combination?

  Jeffers22 11:19 26 Jan 2005

I run behind a router and uninstalled ZA pro as soon as I set up my BB connection. It means I don't get outbound protection, but I'm not too worried about that as I'm careful to the point of paranoia. Not had anything unwelcome get in in just under a year of that set up. I would aggue that inbound protection is stronger with a router (if you have NAT and SPI) than provided by a software firewall anyway.

  SANTOS7 11:21 26 Jan 2005

Having two firewalls will cause conflict which one you use is up to you a concensus of oppinion is that
router firewalls are pretty secure so there would be no need to use a third party fiorewall like Z/A.....

  johnnyrocker 11:26 26 Jan 2005

i found that za almost always fails after a time, i switched to sygate and had no problems since.


  SHUNNA 11:27 26 Jan 2005

Thanks both, will remove ZA immediately.

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