dkls04736 16:50 07 Dec 2004

This problem has only been happening recently, so I am a little confused as to why - but each time I re-boot my computer, for whatever reason, my firewall has to be turned back on again manually. I get a warning from avast telling me that avirus called DCOM EXPLOIT is trying to attack my computer. How do I go about making sure my firewall is swtiched on permantnantly without having to be informed all the time by an error message or a warning from my anti virus prgramme?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:54 07 Dec 2004

Patch your computer with the update click here

  dkls04736 11:16 08 Dec 2004

Thanks for the recommendation but when I clicked on the link, Microsoft tells me that there is no such link, and have been re-directed to an information table which hopefully would assit me in my quest. I tried windows update too, and it tells me after scanning my machine that NO securities updates are required at this time. Therefore I am more foxed than before. Any more suggestions please before I decide to throw the computer of of the window!

  ACOLYTE 11:26 08 Dec 2004

click here this one?

  TonyJover 11:29 08 Dec 2004

Try this link. click here

  dkls04736 12:35 08 Dec 2004

Thanks to the two that repsonded to my ealier email. The first one I tried, the error message
said, that the version installed is older than the on in the progrsamme. The second one states that it cannot gain access to an area, and therefore the programme must close down.


  ACOLYTE 12:39 08 Dec 2004

What OS are you using? and service packs, also you could try click here

  ACOLYTE 12:43 08 Dec 2004

Also click here running this may help do it in safe mode if you can,then patch your system,best to dlaod patch and save it, install before going back online.

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