Firewall or not?

  terryr48 20:39 05 Mar 2005

my wireess network runs through a Belkin 802.11g Wireless Cable/DSL Gateway Router, do I need to install a firewall on my 2nd computer? my main computer has N.I.S running on it, both using win xp,

  FelixTCat 22:42 05 Mar 2005

I am aware of people who run XP SP2 with its integral firewall and a good antivirus program and claim to have no problem.

However, a good firewall prevents nasties getting in and, if they get in, stops them getting out. For the very small overhead they impose on the system, the benefit is overwhelming. A firewall is strongly recommended.

  Chezdez 13:31 06 Mar 2005

yes, any computer connected to the internet needs a firewall in my opinion
i would suggest zone alarm free edition

click here

  LastChip 13:39 06 Mar 2005

Interestingly, some commercial operations are now using personal firewalls on all their computers.

The original concept was an "enterprise" hardware firewall would be all that was needed, but corporations have found (sometimes to their cost) that this is not necessarily the whole answer. More recently, the thinking has been, build multiple defences, so if your outer wall (hardware firewall) is breached, the inner wall (software firewall) provides another layer of defence.

Personally, I practice what I preach and use both!

If you really want to find out how secure you are, click here and scroll down to "ShieldsUp". You will need to allow a small applet on to your computer to use the service, but don't worry, it's secure. Whilst I suspect this check is not the "be all and end all" of security, it does give you a reasonable idea of how secure (or not) you are.

  mikef. 15:10 06 Mar 2005

I also use the 802.11g Wireless Cable/DSL Gateway Router with it's built in hardware firewall with just the XP firewall, and using Shields up I'm completly steathy.

  spikeychris 15:50 06 Mar 2005

Your Cable/DSL router will block all attempts to reach your computers. This is because the router assigns each of
your home computers a private non-routing IP address

These addresses will not be routed
over the net, no one can directly address your computers.

What you release to the net is different.

  LastChip 16:18 06 Mar 2005

And not one that I would rely on. (nothing personal);-)

But you have to remember, home routers are shipped very much wide open to allow for easy set-up - the Windows concept. Certainly, my own hardware firewall needed a number of prominent ports closed (after set-up) to fully secure it.

Commercial routers by comparison tend to use the opposite philosophy, keep everything closed and only open up ports when you need them. But this approach requires a fairly good knowledge of network administration to cope with.

  spikeychris 17:42 06 Mar 2005

Fair point Lastchip.

  terryr48 09:31 07 Mar 2005

Thanks for all your help

  joncuk 11:11 07 Mar 2005

Hi, I'm not trying to hijack this thread but I am in a similar situation with two pc's one Win 98 the other XP. Kept putting off installing a firewall onto the XP machine (Zonealarm free 15 day trial version). Then one day i was "discovered". Every body and his dog was getting into my pc.
To cut a long story short i fave now intalled zonealarm but spybot and adaware along with sophos AV are stuggling to keep up with the constant barrage of hits. In desperation I have disconnected the XP from the broadband and am now trying to clean up... It now seems that I have to reformat and re-instal as restore option appears to not complete to any restore point. My question is; are my problems down to bugs present on my system or is there still an open door somewhere where these hijackers can get in?

  Chezdez 11:22 07 Mar 2005

start a new thread please :)

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