firewall on network

  silliw 16:49 16 Aug 2003

I have a home network of three machines sharing the internet on my desktop with two laptops all connected as peer to peer wireless. All machines run on XP Pro.

The desktop host is secured by Norton 2003 firewall, antivirus, kitchen sink and all. I also have each laptop secured using norton as well. Is this over the top and should I only protect the incoming machine or am I wise to leave all machines covered by Norton?

Thanks in advance.

  recap 17:05 16 Aug 2003

As you have laready got Norton on the machines I would leave it on. Normally (open for opinion) it would be safe enough with it only on the machine that is connected to the Internet as all traffic come through that one machine. You would in effect be using the machine as an Internet server, where by you would set up all the secruity on the one machine.

  billyliv 18:35 16 Aug 2003

Hi, I must get my little dig in here. Norton is fine for 12 months. Then they want you to upload £25 annually to get the updates. I now use Avast, just as good as Norton. Cheers, Bill

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