Firewall necessary?

  Narendra 14:39 30 Dec 2011

Hello, I am connected to the internet with Virgin Media Broadband Router. And I have another computer connected with the internet with wireless, with sae router. Di I need a firewall for this second computer? I understand, the broadband router has its own firewall. But, please advise. And if i need one, whichis the best one? Regards. Narendra.

  Narendra 16:12 30 Dec 2011

Thank you very much for your replies. My O/S is W7. I'll run the series of tests. Thank you again.

I am reading this bok ,' The Girl Who Played With Fire!' and its about firewall and hacking!Got worried. But the firewalls on both of my computers are turned on and I believe the router firewall haelps. I 'll run the tests though.

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