Firewall missing on XP Laptop

  flycatcher1 11:15 30 Nov 2013

I have just noticed that my wife's XP laptop has no Firewall. Note that with a, update by Microsoft the Firewall is disabled.

Research has shown that Microsoft provides a fix for the problem but is there another Firewall option that can be recommended ?

Any suggestions appreciated.

  Jollyjohn 11:33 30 Nov 2013

This is not as bad as you might think. If your wifes laptop connects through a router then the router uses NAT - Network Address Translation. This means only requests from the laptop are allowed to reply back to the laptop. An attempt to access the laptop from the internet will be blocked by the router as it will not have an originating address to direct it to.

That said I would continue to use Windows Firewall if only to stop pop up messages about No Firewall. The next Windows update will probably address the issue.

  wee eddie 11:54 30 Nov 2013

Windows XP's Firewall is said to leave much to be desired.

Comodo and Zone Alarm are free, currently Comodo appears to be the most highly regarded.

You have not mentioned the name of her Anti Virus Program, some include a Firewall as part of the Suite

  flycatcher1 14:42 30 Nov 2013

Thank you all for your prompt and helpful replies. My wife uses Windows Security for anti virus which makes the lack of a Firewall even more strange.

I will look at all the other suggested options. Touch wood we have not had any problems with the laptop maybe because it is wireless through a router. Tks again.

  Woolwell 15:54 30 Nov 2013

Windows Security is poor and there are much better free products available.

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