Firewall issues with networked PC's

  Sparky 77777 10:35 10 Oct 2003

I have 2 home PC's networked with one accessing the internet etc through the other. I have just instelled the free version of Zone Alarm on the "Host" pc and now they are not networked. Am I doing something wrong?

  Chegs ® 12:56 10 Oct 2003

Yes,you need to cfg ZA to allow the networked machine access.I haven't got ZA installed presently(to refresh my memory of howto set it up)but you need to put the IP/computer name into the "Allow" or "Trusted" section of ZA

  mdshamilton 13:06 10 Oct 2003

I tried this too - the freebie version of Zone Alarm doesn't appear to allow you to network PCs together (their chatrooms as much as say this too). The cost for the Zone Alarm Pro version for one year is over USD100.

I opted to buy Norton Internet Security which does allow PCs to network and includes virus protection as well in the price (about GBP45 from

  Taran 13:26 10 Oct 2003

You most certainly can set up the free version of ZoneAlarm to allow networked PCs to talk to one another.

Add your PC network adapter and/or IP address (either the individual IP address of the machine or the address range of the computers you have connected) to the trusted zone and off you go.

click here for help on general network setup and configuration.

If you need a walkthrough on adding your systems to the trusted zone in ZoneAlarm, post again and I'll type out a step by step for you.



i found that with my network I had to switch off Zone alarm to allow a coonection to be made but once the other computers are visible in 'my network places zone alarm can be switched on gain and all network traffic will then pass through. I realize that this is less than ideal but then so is zone alarm.

  Sparky 77777 14:24 10 Oct 2003

Thanks for your help. I will give this a try

  mdshamilton 14:27 10 Oct 2003

With respect Taran - Zone Alarm didn't work for me, and several others who advised me when I had trouble setting up my wireless network last month.

  Gaz W 14:33 10 Oct 2003

I have ZoneAlarm and I set an IP range. In my case it was - or something like that (or - If your second PC gets its IP address automatically (I don't know how that works with home operating systems - I use W2K Server). So basically just what Taran says.

I also allowed my DNS server IP address (, but I don't think this will be a problem for you.

By the way, the free ZoneAlarm does work on a network. I'm using the free one on W2K server. Because this is at home and not for a business I don't see a problem with using it on a network. I might upgrade to the Pro version anyway because I am very pleased with the free one. I also find it easier to use than the Norton one, but that's just my opinion.

  Gaz W 14:37 10 Oct 2003

Didn't notice it was resolved!

  Bramblerose 14:42 10 Oct 2003

would it be possible for you point me in the direction of a step by step for Zone alarm.

I am using XP Pro OS on both computers, they are networked happily but when I have tried to put ZA on, they get all iffy and one of them wont connect. Do both PC's need ZA on them or just the one acting as a server?

I am just using the XP firewall at the moment which is less than ideal.

Sorry for hijacking the thread

Thanks for any links/tips/ideas

  Sparky 77777 19:53 10 Oct 2003


Could I also ask for some help.


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