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  Gazzerr 07:47 14 Feb 2006

I;m still new to firewalls can somebody explain. When downloading freeware is it necessary to turn off the firewall. I have norton so do I also need to turn off the firewall in XP? Should you also turn off anti virus when downloading?

Thanks for your advice

  Andsome 08:20 14 Feb 2006

DO NOT allow Windows Firewall to run with any other firewall. I would suggest that you leave the Windows Firewall running while you download Zone Alarm to a folder. Then come off line and disable the windows firewall before installing Zone Alarm.

  Andsome 08:23 14 Feb 2006

I did not fully read your posting. Once your firewall is installed NEVER turn off your Anti Virus or your firewall when on line. Any decent program should download with your protection running. It can be advisable in some instances to disable your AV when installing a program offline, then re-enable it again.

  spuds 10:42 14 Feb 2006

You should be able to download programmes with one firewall and one anti-virus programme running.If you use Spy or AdAware programmes then these should also be left in running mode.

You may find on very rare occasions, that certain programmes request that you disable one of the firewall or anti-virus functions, so as to allow downloading, always treat this with a little suspicion, if you are insure of the product or company offering the download.If it is a very reliable and well known site, then they will usually give a reason for taking disable action.

  freaky 10:53 14 Feb 2006

I note in your post that you have Norton - as this is then case then you also have the Norton Firewall.

It is not a good idea to have two Firewalls enabled at the same time i.e. XP and Norton as having both running can cause possible conflicts.

Suggest you go to your Settings and disable the XP Firewall.

As mentioned in the other replies to your post - do not disable your Norton AV or Firewall while you are on the internet - you will have no protection at all !

  Gazzerr 14:49 14 Feb 2006

THanks for the replies. Next stupid question is how do you disable the firewall in ME and XP !! I have looked in the internet connections security and I see how to add sites but not how to turn the thing off!!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:05 14 Feb 2006

In XP go to security center in Control panel.

ME does not hve its own firewall you must haave a third party firewll like Zone Alarm to have a firewall operating with ME.

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