Firewall - Hardware vs Software

  PaulB2005 00:08 11 Dec 2005

I'm trying to fill in some blanks in my networking knowledge.

I know a hardware firewall is considered better than a software one. I have a Buffalo WYR-G54 click here Wireless Router which i believe contains (or acts as) a hardware firewall but how good is it? Could be safe not running a software firewall?

Not paranoid about hackers - more likely to find I've 6 numbers tonight i think - but just curious...

  mgmcc 08:17 11 Dec 2005

I have the same router and Zone Alarm shows the number of "Blocked Intrusions since install" as zero, so the router is blocking everything.

What it doesn't do (like Windows' own firewall) is to provide control over outbound traffic. If you get a rogue program in the PC from a virus, dodgy website or whatever, the router isn't going to stop that program from accessing the internet, where a software firewall *should* alert you.

  PaulB2005 11:02 11 Dec 2005

Zone Alarm has blocked 165403 access attempts....

18571 blocked intrusions....

Hmmm I'll take that with a pinch of salt...

Perhaps i haven't got it configured right. Any tips?

I should have said i understand about the outbound control. The problem is I'm fed up with ZA 6 - it's new features are a pain. Every time a program does something that falls under "Suspicious Behaviour" it flashes up alerts. If someone else is using the PC every 5-10 minutes i get "Paul! What's this?" I've had to disable it. Plus the Av is a bit ropey.

  mgmcc 13:54 11 Dec 2005

Apart from setting up the router to get online, I haven't changed anything from the defaults. I only use the "freebie" version of Zone Alarm, so if you're using the Pro version it might be monitoring much more.

Some time ago I tried Zone Alarm's Pro version, but it caused endless problems and I went back to the free version, which has always worked OK for me.

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