firewall drop code

  dezi 00:27 17 Jul 2003

Does anyone know how to obtain info from a line of XP firewall 'drop code'. Below is sample line (one of hundreds) interupted by my XP firewall.

2003-07-15 23:09:32 DROP TCP 80 25997 40 FA 3071083112 2058683791 33580 - - -

  jazzypop 00:38 17 Jul 2003

click here - does this help?

  dezi 00:50 17 Jul 2003

Thanks.... I had a read (very interesting)it is a bit beyond me at present. I was looking to find a way of establishing the addresses of these senders.

  CHUCKLE1 04:27 17 Jul 2003

You need a traceroute program. Also XP firewall only stops connections INTO your pc. if something gets on pc EG from a disk/cd then it can dial out and XP firewall will not stop it.
I use Sygate Personnal firewall which stops all
unauthorised connections (in or out) and has a back trace facility in it by selecting the events in the traffic log and backtracing from there.

  dezi 00:33 18 Jul 2003

Loaded Sygate to night as you outlined and is up and running for the first time. Still to familiaris but looks good this far, thanks.
When connecting to a site etc, so far I am not ticking "remember my answer........." incase I would want to change my mind, any comment re this, (I will probably find out in time.)

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