Firewall on client computer

  InCog 20:29 10 Oct 2003

Is it necessary to instal a firewall on a client computer on a wireless network? I access the internet through my son's computer which has Norton firewall. Do I need it on mine as well and will XP's own firewall do the job? I've read earlier threads on activating XP's firewall but cannot locate anything called 'network tasks' in network connections.

  oglemire 20:57 10 Oct 2003

The firewall on the gateway device will inspect and filter packets. As long as it is configered correctly on your sons PC you will be ok.

you will noy need to instal a firewall on the client machine (But you will need an anti-virus package to scan any downloaded files or disks that you load)

FYI the xp Firewall can be activated by checking a box under the advanced tab of the network connection 'Properties' dialog box

the major reason that the xp firewall is not recommended is that is doesnt block outbound traffic.

  InCog 22:00 10 Oct 2003

OK that's good news. Why does blocking outbound traffic matter?

  InCog 08:16 11 Oct 2003

I've been running VHS video clips copied onto my home computer and then transferred to my laptop in school. The film is very jerky, though the audio file is fine. I've noticed that the processor (celeron 1133mhz) is working at over 90% capacity while the video is running. Is the processor too slow or is there insufficient RAM (256 SDRAM)? How fast would the processor need to be to ensure smooth running pictures? I've tried ringing DELL but they say it's a software issue and aren't interested.

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