Firewall & chatroom

  Roadgiant 18:00 30 Mar 2003

I wonder if anyone can help me? I have 2 PCs connected on a home network via x/over cables to allow both to access the net via modem in one of them.
On my newer Pc with Win Xp installed I am using ZoneAlarm Pro,on the older Pc with W98 I am using ZonAlarm free version.
I would like to be able to use a chatroom on one of the EZboard sites, accesing from the W98 machine is no problem, but when I access the chatroom from the Xp machine I am shown as the only user, and can only see my posts, even though on the W98 machine all posts and users are showing.
I think it must be some setting on ZoneAlarm Pro that needs changing to allow use, if I turn ZA Pro off (which I obviously don't want to) I then have the full access and view of the chatroom.
I would appreciate it if someome could advise me on this, hope I have managed to explain everything clearly, thanks in advance.

  Roadgiant 23:36 30 Mar 2003

Thanks for the advice, i think I get the idea. One thing is confusing me is that the W98 machine with ZA free version is able to use the chatroom with no problem, and I have never changed any of the settings.
Does this mean that ZA (free) is a lot weaker than ZA Pro and therefore allowing two way traffic with the chatroom and a lot less protection and leaving the pc vulnerable?
Also would the basic XP firewall offer enough protection on the XP machine that I could turn off ZA Pro when I wanted to use chatroom and keep ZA Pro on at all other times?
Thanks once again for the help.

  Roadgiant 23:56 31 Mar 2003

Thanks for the reply, for some reason the link isn't showing on your post.
Regarding the connected PC, the XP/ZA Pro machine is the one connecting to the net via its internal modem, and that is the one I am having the problem with.
The other W98/ZA free PC (which is able to use the chatroom properly) connects to the net through the network connection to the XP machine.
Today I turned ZA Pro of but at the same time turned the XP inbuilt firewall on and everything worked fine so at least I am getting some protection although I would be happier if I could keep ZA Pro turned on all the time.
Once again thanks for your help and advice.

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