Firewall blocks online games

  phoenix_one 22:20 14 Apr 2003

I am an experienced PC user but am relatively new to online games. I know all about possible threats to computers when spending long times on the internet so I know I should run a firewall.
My problem is that I have run 2 so far with sucess until I play games, it blocks access to my PC. I have tried Norton Internet Firewall and Zonealarm to no avail, I can't find options to permit limited access to my machine without opening it up to a hacker. I would appretiate any help

So that the response is relevant to me the game in question is Black Hawk Down.

  powerless 22:24 14 Apr 2003

Are you trying to play in games or are you Hosting games?

So which firewall do you have installed and running at the moment?

Also what is your operating system?

  phoenix_one 21:06 15 Apr 2003

I am trying to play games
As I said I have tried both Zonealarm and Norton Internet Security Firewall. Both have failed to permit a game to take place due to blocking certain files/access. Currently I am running Zonealarm

My operating system is Windows ME
Any Help?
Thank You

  powerless 21:16 15 Apr 2003

Open up Zonealarm...

Click on "Program Control"

Then click "Add" (bottom right)

Now find the DFBHD.exe on your hard drive. It should be in the following folder...

C:\Program Files\NovaLogic\Delta Force Black Hawk Down

Click on "DFBHD"

Now in the list of programs. Find "DFBHD.exe" and left click and allow access. If you see a Green tick you've done it.

DFBHD has problems ALT - TABBING so when BHD goes to attempt to connect the zonealrm will popup a warning about it trying to acces the net.

By doing what i have said above you can get pass it, this should allow you to play just like i am doing ;-) Its a good game eh? I think so...

  phoenix_one 21:27 15 Apr 2003

Thanks for the advice but I have already added all my games, IE, outlook etc to the list you mentioned.

Alt tabbing is no probs try Alt-F1 it quits the game fine for me for a moment

Do you think their is a different problem I mean zonealarm is popping up every minute on this site alone!!

DFBHD is gr8, so do you (powerless) run it with a firewall?

  powerless 21:41 15 Apr 2003

You can turn of the alerts...

"Alerts and Logs" > Main > "Off"

However when a program trys and makes a dash to connect to the net you will be warned.

Yes i run with a firewall and have no trouble. Zonealarm in fact ;-)

Turn of your firewall just to see if it is ZA causing the problem and also update the game.

  phoenix_one 21:46 15 Apr 2003

Thanks again but I play fine without any firewall
The only reason I have a problem is because I want to be as safe as possible on the net

I do have the latest version of DFBHD (the latest patch)

The problem is definetly firewall blocking games

Do you run the pro version of zonealarm? Or normal?

  powerless 22:00 15 Apr 2003

Normal - Free - Version.

Well if you are certain that you have let DF have access to the internet then i honselty do not know what the problem could be.

  hugh-265156 23:53 15 Apr 2003

i use zonealarm and avg and have no problems with online games.

  Kyomii 00:09 16 Apr 2003

try the free version of kerio which I have been running with XP for quite a while without any probs:

click here

  phoenix_one 19:45 18 Apr 2003

Thanks all of you

I think that the setting must either be too high or maybe I'm being hacked?

If I get warnings of 'netbios' or something on everything, even this site whats the problem?

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