firewall attack can someone help?

  tanzanite 17:04 17 Jun 2003

at 16.40 firewall reported attack i was flapping that much i only got some of the name,something about sub and trojan i got the details and this is
what it said

4 intrusion attempts
1 attempted attacker
most frequent attacker 81.66.93

after this happened screen froze and had to restart mointor was a bit fuzzy but was able to log on,i dloaded ad aware earlier in the day and hadnt long finished scanning when this happened ,what should i do now,oh and it was a high threat level.

  VoG® 17:09 17 Jun 2003

Check that your firewall is effective click here

Then relax - your firewall is telling you that it has blocked the attempted intrusion.

  tanzanite 17:24 17 Jun 2003

Not sure wether i did something wrong but when i tried that it just said my adress was not hidden from them.

  accord 17:32 17 Jun 2003
  tanzanite 17:48 17 Jun 2003

right just been attacked again it said attempted to connect to local computer using b door/subseven trojan horse.This time there were 275 intrusion attempts,this is creeping me out incase people are able to acess my files and stuff

  VoG® 18:01 17 Jun 2003

What firewall are you using?

  Valvegrid 18:03 17 Jun 2003

I would switch off the indication the someone's probing, it's happening all the time especially if you're on broadband. This is copy of my log of attacks for today:

FWIN,2003/06/17,06:43:08 +1:00 GMT,,,UDP
FWIN,2003/06/17,07:06:56 +1:00 GMT,,,TCP (flags:S)
FWIN,2003/06/17,17:33:26 +1:00 GMT,,,TCP (flags:S)
FWIN,2003/06/17,17:33:26 +1:00 GMT,,,TCP (flags:S)
FWIN,2003/06/17,17:35:50 +1:00 GMT,,,UDP
FWIN,2003/06/17,17:48:20 +1:00 GMT,,,TCP (flags:S)
FWIN,2003/06/17,17:48:24 +1:00 GMT,,,TCP (flags:S)
FWIN,2003/06/17,17:54:02 +1:00 GMT,,,UDP
FWIN,2003/06/17,17:56:20 +1:00 GMT,,,TCP (flags:S)

Don't worry.


  tanzanite 18:09 17 Jun 2003

Im using norton i use them for all my security
So is it possible to get attacked numerous times a day,

  VoG® 18:12 17 Jun 2003

Yes, I had 130 over the last 24 hours.

  Templar1961 18:26 17 Jun 2003

Whats the point of the facility to trace attacks?

Is it just a "gimmick"?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:42 17 Jun 2003

Whats the point of the facility to trace attacks?
Is it just a "gimmick"? ....yes, the 'attacvks' are not such things. They are only server and router pings to check that your connection is still live so that information from the net (web pages etc.) can be sent to the correct IP. There is more chance of winning the lotto than of a hacker attacking a home computer.

The so-called 'alerts' are nothing of the sort and the best thing to do is turn off the alerts, it is a waste of space and time. IF..........a hacker were to attempt to access a home computer the trace facility would be as much use as flip-flops in Alaska. Trace and whois only highlights servers and main routers, it is unlikely that they are going to direct you to the sender. It is treble easy to hide the origination of any programmes. Dump the alerts, dump the trace facility and surf on.


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