Firewall /anti virus

  bump 21:46 04 Jul 2003

I Have norton anti virus installed and would like to install the free zone alarm firerwall will these run together ok. Bumps

  powerless 21:49 04 Jul 2003

Norton AV 2003 and Zonealarm are a happy couple and have co-habitated for months of my Hard drive.

Love is in the air...

  mikef. 21:57 04 Jul 2003

Same as Powerless it's my combination as well, no problems at all (that's done it now!)

  johnem 22:26 04 Jul 2003

Bump, make sure you get the latest ZoneAlarm, I think it is 3.7.193 I am running that along with NAV2003 on three different machines, 2 on W98SE and 1 on ME. Seems to be OK at the moment. In fairness, I only installed this version about a week ago. ZoneAlarm is simple to set up.

  bump 12:14 05 Jul 2003

Thanks to everyone who answered my query Much appreciated. Bump

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