firewall and anti-virus.

  Pooke 23:33 21 Aug 2005

Installed xandros, mentioned during install a firewall and anti-virus. where do I get them please?

Appreciate the fact the linux doesn't have viruses and such they way windows does.


  alan227 23:45 21 Aug 2005

If they are mentioned in the install they are generally activated by default while installing.

  LastChip 23:47 21 Aug 2005

Your firewall is already installed, but in the Open Circulation Edition, it doesn't have a Graphical User Interface (GUI). It can be "adjusted" via the command line, but if I were you, I'd leave well alone. One of the benefits of having their "paid for" version, is it does come with a GUI. You have never had a more secure system, than you have right now!

Anti-Virus software can be purchased via their on-line store. If you click on Xandros networks, you will see the various options you have, one of which is to keep your system slap bang up to date with any patches that may be significant. Don't worry, it's just a click job, just like Windows. Personally, I haven't bothered with anti-virus in Linux, as the threats are few and far between, and in the three years I've been messing with Linux of one kind or another, I've never seen a virus.

Welcome to the freedom and joys of Linux!

  Pooke 23:42 22 Aug 2005

Did a port scan online and xandros failed it, my xp install passed!

should I be worried? Most ports were stealthed in xp, xandros just had em closed and about 9 or 10 were open.


  octal 07:09 23 Aug 2005

You need a firewall. Xandros have removed their one, at the moment I'm using Guarddog but that's a bit tricky to install so I think you will be better off using Firestarter click here look down the list and pick Debian Stable 3.1 (Sarge) download it to your hard drive then just double click on it, the Xandros Network will open asking if you want to install, if you click on install it will ask for your Root Administrator password, give it what it wants and it will install like an EXE file in Windows. You should find if you run a port check the default values will block the most common ports. If you want an icon to open Firestarter in a user account this can be done, but I have got to go to work now so I will run through how to open the firewall settings using a user account with Root privileges this evening.

One of the nice things about any Linux system is that nothing can write to the core programmes without the Root Admins password, this makes it incredibly secure because all the core files are read only and to change anything you have to enter as root. If you happen to get a security breach it will happen in one of your user accounts, you mealy delete the problem application or the user account and re-install it, the core files are not touched. This is why you always run in a user account and only use Root Admin account when you really have to.

You won't get any malware or spyware, non has been written, not only that its difficult for the writers to install it because of the reasons above. There are Linux virus around, but because they are so easily dealt with and they can't attack the core they are very rare indeed.

It won't stop you receiving viruses and passing them on, although they won't attack your machine you will pass them onto some poor unsuspecting Windows user, their system should be up-to-date anyway so I wouldn't worry too much about that. I use Bitdefender and I run it occasionally when I remember, its found a few Windows virus in my email box but they haven't a clue what to do on a Linux machine, but its interesting capturing them and looking at them how they work, believe me its not rocket science. So don't worry about your antivirus at the moment, just enjoy your trouble free surfing.

There is one thing, sorry to go on but this might be important, if your XP is in NTFS format you'll probably notice you can only read the NTFS files, if you want to move files between Linux and NTFS you will have to make a small FAT32 partition which both can read or use a USB flash drive which both will read.

I'll shut up now and give someone else a chance.

  Pooke 17:44 23 Aug 2005

which do I download? Collective time your talking to someone that has spent years around windows and about total of a few days using a Linux OS.

When I click it I get choices, could ya tell me exactly what to choose.


  octal 18:57 23 Aug 2005

Yes, the one you want to download is Debian Stable 3.1 (Sarge). Then follow the instructions I gave in my last post on installing it.

Let me know when you've got it loaded on your computer because I've put together a little article on how to set Firestarter up for you. I will be hanging around all evening is you need help.

  octal 18:58 23 Aug 2005

is? where did that come from? It should be if of course.

  Pooke 19:36 23 Aug 2005

is it the i386 one i get?

  octal 19:38 23 Aug 2005

I'll make it easy for you :-)

click here

  octal 19:39 23 Aug 2005

Sorry, ignore that link.

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