Jeffy 17:54 14 May 2003

I have 2 comp and want to network and then use Laplink to copy data...i can only do this when the firewall is disabled...does this then mean I have a problme when on the internet with people gaining access to my system...???

  Esso43 18:40 14 May 2003

What o/s and connections are you using?

  Esso43 22:58 14 May 2003

You mention in an direct email that you have the above.

I have xp pro and had a similar problem.

Eventually and with some advice off this site I managed to get it to work with the firewall still in place.

You have to register the second machine as a an acceptable machine through the firewall settings.

I use Nortons firewall and it took a little bit og digging around in the settings. but it does work.

I will have a look to remind mysef what I did with the xp firewall settings and get back to you.

  Esso43 23:03 14 May 2003

Oh yeh please use the thread for replies as it refreshes the thread to the top and allows others to track and maybe comment or maybe use the discussion to help their similar problems.

I know I have benfitted from that in the past.

  Granger 09:50 15 May 2003

I'd love to know how you made that work as I have entered the specific IP and subnet as a trusted network site, but Norton still blocks it.

Is Laplink good? I'm new to networking a laptop with my PC.

  Esso43 20:20 19 May 2003

Work is mad but here goes>

I have the xp firewall switched off on both machines (not sure this is wise but that is what I have, I will be trying to achieve the same but with the laptop firewall active, no idea if this is wise but fun trying).

In the supervisor account I just followed the trusted wizard in Norton's.

If I can remember correctly it didn't work first time and I cannot remember the excat sequence.

But I always try turning things on an off like the xp firewalls rebooting lots etc.

I must say that my problem was gaming through the connection and not specifically using Laplink.

  Esso43 20:25 19 May 2003

The usual restrictions apply to specific drives and folders so maybe the laplink is accessesing a folder the second machine does not have access to with the firewall up?

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