hargranules 14:43 08 Feb 2006

I am trying to share files and printers on a home network with 3 pc's. I have run the windows network wizard and shared the files and printer but when i try to access from other pc's it says have not got permission.

I think this is because of the firewall but how do i configure it? please help !!!!!

  [DELETED] 15:38 08 Feb 2006

Add the other PCs IPs to the trusted zone in the firewall. Get the other PCs IPs from a command line IPCONFIG /ALL. Might have to set static IPs if DHCP allocates a range of IPs.

  hargranules 16:02 08 Feb 2006

They have different anti - virus on the pc's, mcafee on one and norton on the other two will this make a difference.

  [DELETED] 16:14 08 Feb 2006

Not if you configure them both correctly. If you just disable both you can check if the cause is the firewalls (As long as you have a hardware firewall - if not disconnect from the internet first and re-enable before connecting again)

  hargranules 15:59 09 Feb 2006

all sorted thanks for help

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