ordep 08:39 14 Oct 2008

I've recently gone over to Firefox as I find IE7 painfully slow. However, Firefox has a big problem with Bookmarks, that is they disappear after rebooting. Extremely frustrating & annoying to say the least.

So my question is can I run IE7/IE8 along side Firefox. And if so how.

  Stuartli 08:45 14 Oct 2008

I'm somewhat puzzled as to this statement...:-)

Do you have the left hand FF bookmarks listing open when you Reboot?

Firefox will remember windows and tabs available when shutting down or rebooting if you don't close it down, but the bookmarks will have to be reopened using the Bookmarks Toolbar button.

  ordep 08:58 14 Oct 2008

Thanks for your reply Stuartli.
Perhaps this link best explaines the situation.

click here

  DieSse 10:00 14 Oct 2008

"So my question is can I run IE7/IE8 along side Firefox."

Yes of course. You simply choose which one to open. You can even have them both open at the same time if you wish.

Just like any two programs.

BTW I have no issues with FF bookmarks at all.

  DieSse 10:06 14 Oct 2008

What have you got you Privacy settings set to - if you have Clear Private Data when FF closes ticked - what have you ticked in the settings for it?

  ordep 11:11 14 Oct 2008

Hi DieSse.
I havent touched the Privacey settings, there stil at default settings.

Private Data. unticked.
Ask me before clearing Private Date. Ticked.

How do I get to IE now that I have FF as my browser.

  DieSse 11:17 14 Oct 2008

"How do I get to IE now that I have FF as my browser."

Click on the IE icon - or find it in the program list.

  ordep 11:20 14 Oct 2008

Thanks DieSse, I think I had a senior moment there!

  DieSse 11:22 14 Oct 2008

You should ideally tick the "Clear Private Data ....." box - then set up what you do/don't want cleared when FF closes. At the very least you should clear the cache.

I don't think that will affect your problem - but it does stop the cache building up and up and....

  DieSse 11:23 14 Oct 2008

"I think I had a senior moment there!"

Welcome to the club - we all get those ;-))

  ordep 11:30 14 Oct 2008

Thanks for the tip, I will clear the cache when I log of tonight.
So nice to get back to Favorites again, I can see how my shares are doing again:-) or not as the case may be.

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