Firefox,has failed me and other problems

  geoff47 00:32 31 Aug 2005

I have been happily using Firefox and Thunderbird for sometime without any problem,but while surfing this site (as it happens) Firefox failed to function as normal.It got very sluggish refusing to react at all,I thought it might be the site,or just a busy night,I closed the browser and reopened it,but it was showing an error message about "Profile"?
Anyway I uninstalled then reinstalled but it remains the same.Now using Crazy Browser I revisited this site to find out what I should do.None of the advice was for Win98,and the first one said "Dont close the browser"
I have not tried any of the solutions because they go over my head....but everything on the PC seems slower,so I was there a problem on my PC that caused Firefox to fail,or has the failure triggered some other problem I should address.I have done the normal scan with AVG,should I try something else?
Many thanks for any suggestions.

  Skills 02:29 31 Aug 2005

Theres a page here which will explain how to create a new profile you can the remove the corrupt profile and hopefully things i'll be working again click here

  maveric 07:50 31 Aug 2005

Have you scanned for spy ware or ad-ware? If not try Spybot search and destroy, ad-aware and the microsoft anti-spy.

  golfpro 08:14 31 Aug 2005

I had exactly the same problem with F/F a couple of weeks ago, lost most of my bookmarks etc.
I didn't bother reloading and creating new profiles in case it happened again. I uninstalled it and went back to Internet Explorer.

  Nelmon2k 08:23 31 Aug 2005

When that happens there is a simple way of solving it.
Go the the Task Manager and Firefox.exe will still be running. Highlight it and then end the task and it will work again.

  geoff47 12:01 31 Aug 2005

thats nice to know...but its closing the stable door etc.
I have re installed after scanning for any other problems,there doesn't seem to be any.My original question was if FF that has always been touted as a safe browser,has its own weaknesses? or is it a target of the nutters that enjoy breaking things to show how clever they are?
Not that I know that much,but I have never heard of any other browser just failing so dramatically.

  geoff47 12:38 31 Aug 2005

I have fixed it I think....but am failing to find an extension I had previously,and I have searched.
It gave the ability to right click and open another tab,I also had the three colour coded close buttons on the Toolbar red green and yellow,to close current tab,all tabs,or unlocked tabs.
Can anyone point me to it?
Many thanks.

  octal 12:47 31 Aug 2005

Skills has the answer. The Firefox profile folder is fragile and easily broken. Make sure you've backed up you bookmarks and then delete the profile folder, this site tells you where the folder is located click here once its deleted restart Firefox, it will look for the profile folder which it won't find because its been deleted, so it will ask you to create a new one. You will have to reinstall any extensions you had on there previously, but that's no bad thing because its probably a faulty extension which is causing the problem. You can then import you bookmarks into the new profile then.

  geoff47 18:07 31 Aug 2005

Is that a cryptic clue?
As I said I have followed the instructions and everything appears ok,but I still only have one white cross on a red backround to close the current tab,where I used to have three....does anyone know what extension I should be looking for? Or perhaps that was the problem?

  PurplePenny 18:28 31 Aug 2005

I've had it happen to Firefox when I 'm on this site. It only happens on my laptop, never on the PC. The difference? I have more things blocked by Adblock (sorry FE) on the PC than on the laptop (the PC is slow and not loading the ads helps to speed things up).

Sometimes it seems as though Firefox gets stuck receiving something (that is blocked on the PC by Adblock) because the message in the bottom-left corner when it happens is always that it is transferring data from ukintelitext.

As Nelmon2k has said, when it happens you have to stop Firefox via the task manager. If you just close it, it stays running in the background (presumably because it is still receiving the data from ukintelitxt).

There is nothing wrong with the profile. It is merely telling you that the one that you normally use is already in use (because Firefox is still running).

  octal 19:45 31 Aug 2005

Not a cryptic clue at all, Skills posted Wed, 31.08.05 | 02:29

I'm sorry geoff47 I don't think I'm understanding what you are telling us. You are talking about tabs and crosses in them, I've never seen them in Firefox or what extension it could be that would put crosses in the tab to close them, Opera has them this is a picture of Opera you can see the tabs with the little crosses in the tabs to close them click here

If I've still got the wrong end of the stick I'll keep quiet.

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