Firefox4.0.1 crashes, no Mozilla replies

  Muergo 19:08 09 May 2011

This message I originally posted using firefox but it stuck with "Please wait" and is still stuck.

Firefox 4.0.1 crashes about twice a day, sends report, restarts fully all tabs and windows. Seems to happen after a period of inactivity, start to use and wallop, windows shut and Sorry crash screen appears.

Mozilla web helproom has over fifty people having logged the same problem but Mozilla brotherhood has no comments or suggestions apart from "disable addon, etc" which it seems most have done.

Has anyone on PCAdvisor had similar? Are there any specific addons or plugins or whatever, found to be at fault.

I have IE9 running at the same time, could that cause it?

  Woolwell 19:14 09 May 2011

I doubt that having IE9 running at the same time will cause the problem. I regularly have more than one browser open. It may be add-ons though.

You don't seem to be having much luck with Firefox. Have you tried Google Chrome or Opera? If you're happy with IE9 why not stick with that?

  birdface 19:14 09 May 2011

Have you tried downloading Ad-block plus just to see if that helps.

  gasparian 07:07 10 May 2011

I have exactly the same problem with FireFox 4.0.1 on Windows (crash after a period of inactivity), and I have no IE9 running at all.

My add-ons are: Forecast Weather 2.0.2 Java Console 6.0.24 Russian spellchecking dictionary 0.4.4

  birdface 10:58 10 May 2011

[This message I originally posted using firefox but it stuck with "Please wait" and is still stuck.]

Using Firefox I get the same problem but it is nothing to do with Firefox it is the PCA site that is so slow or not working at all that is the cause.

If you switch over to I/e when this happens you will normally find that you cannot connect to PCA on there either.

So basically it is a PCA site problem at the moment as all other sites work fine.

I also find that although Firefox will not let you post if you stick with I/E you eventually get it to post on there.

  Muergo 12:04 10 May 2011

The message I set up to send via FFox was still in "wait" a day later, eanwhile had copied same message across to IE9 and it went immediately and appeared on PCA site, whereas the FF version has still not arrived.

FF4.0.1 has crashed twice today, both times after couple of hours inactivity, seems it just turns itself off.

Tried with all extras disconnected, haven't tried FF safe mode yet but have lots else to do so that will wait until early hours.

On the Moxilla site I see more and more are having same trouble but no responses from Mozilla.

There are two problems here, I don't think they are connected.

  shellship 12:08 10 May 2011

I have Firefox 4.01 and have had no problems yet - touch wood.

  woodchip 12:22 10 May 2011

Me thinks it a Security Problem In Firefox one that is watching what's going on, I use Flock Browser that as Firefox Engine And have had these problems, as I can block redirecting to other pages and things like that, so I think its under the hood that's the problem

  birdface 14:07 10 May 2011

You could try removing Firefox completely using Revo uninstaller on setting 4 then reboot and try downloading the latest version which is V4.01

  sunnystaines 14:18 10 May 2011

Firefox 4.01 ok here.using 32 win 7

  Muergo 15:33 10 May 2011

I am using FF4.0.1, and I don't think that I can do more especially s it seems a widespread problem revealed on the Mozilla blog/help site.

Maybe it's one of the Addons which still stays activated somewhere despite being disabled, i.e. just disabling isn't enough.

I'm not going to uninstall each and every one of my Addon/Themes?plugins and put them back one by one, I'll watch the Mozilla site for them to come up with somethoing.

Meanwhile I'll just let it crash and reinstall after sending report, they must have thousandsd by now.

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