firefox32bit v waterfox64bit

  sunnystaines 17:38 05 Sep 2014

no sign of firefox becoming 64bit as far as I know. Is waterfox 64bit any better than firfox other than being 64bit.

chrome 64bit does not seem any faster than the old chrome 32bit prev version.

  BRYNIT 21:05 05 Sep 2014

After reading your thread I decided to download and install waterfox just to try.

Waterfox is based on the Mozilla Firefox source code and will when installed override firefox and all add-ons etc will be transferred and used by waterfox.

Waterfox lookes feels and acts like firefox and I can see no difference apart from the name. Is it any faster, I don't know and will not be able to tell as firefox and waterfox cannot be run side by side on the same computer.

  sunnystaines 22:11 05 Sep 2014

brynit thanks still handy to know what you posted,

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