Firefox wont load but IE will

  hawthorn59 02:44 18 Nov 2007

Well the title says it all! When I click on Firefox it wont load. This has just happened out of the blue. I have about 15 open tabs and I get the same message on them all:

Server not found

Firefox can't find the server at click here.

* Check the address for typing errors such as instead of
click here

* If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network

* If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure
that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.

IE 7 will load ok, though this site (Pcadvisor) gives me in the bottom left of screen (Done, but with errors on page" and videos dont seem to play.

Earlier tonight when Firefox was working, it just froze. I couldnt close it, except by turning of the laptop.

Earlier I ran adaware and deleted 60 items.

What is going on I wonder??


  hawthorn59 02:56 18 Nov 2007

OK, I turned off Comodo Firewall and Firefox loaded. Then after a while it seemed to freeze, so I shut it down. i tried to open it again, but it wouldnt as it said it was already open!

So I closed down the laptop and reopened and its ok again, but I wonder whats going on? And it worked fine with Comodo up till now. I wonder have I malware/spyware? I only have adaware, should I check with something else?


  p;3 04:08 18 Nov 2007

try running spybot
click here

superantispyware free for home users
click here
asquared free for private use
click here

all on full deep scans

also state your windows version including if system restore is enabled and what anitvirus program you are running

  hawthorn59 17:56 18 Nov 2007

I have XP Pro. Im using Avast anti-virus, Comodo firewall (well i was!), Adaware, and Spyware Blaster. Its strange that Comodo is casuing a conflict now, it never did before.

I presume there are some system restore points.

i do recall some programs looking to connect to the internet with Comodos warnings. But they were programs I was using. I remember something about "changing the way you connect.....may be a trojan" but I never know what to do in those cases with Comodo so I allow them. They are programmes I use.

  hawthorn59 17:59 20 Nov 2007

Just wondering if anyone has any more suggestions! I got this today from Comodo

"Firefox is trying to connect to the internet.
Parent: actsol.exe

A new parent application has been detected for firefox.exe actsol.exe may be using firefox.exe to connect to the internet"

And that was request 1 of 20 !!

actsol.exe is a solitaire game I downloaded and was considering buying. Its a reputable company, I bought a game from them years ago.

Some terms I dont understand; what is a Parent Application? Why is it a bad thing (or IS it) if actsol.exe is trying to connect through firefox?

Firefox wont open at all now when Comodo is turned on, and IE7 will, but with "errors on the page"



  birdface 18:15 20 Nov 2007

Now it all depends where you downloaded it from,Just Googled it and my Site Advisor tells me that most of the sites were not to be trusted ,So maybe you downloaded a virus with it.You wan't to try mcafee site advisor it is free and warns you of bad sites,Like most other programs it may get the odd one wrong but well worth having.Now this one is for Internet here

  birdface 18:25 20 Nov 2007

Download Site Advisor and then Google actsol.exe juast have a look at all the bad sites. Site advisor puts an icon on your toolbar and when you get to bad sites it turns red.

  birdface 18:33 20 Nov 2007

I would delete your solitaire game Then run C Cleaner then think about doing the same with Firefox.You were right about the files that is downloaded with solitaire.This from a good download of here

  hawthorn59 03:03 21 Nov 2007

I downloaded ActionSolitaire from its own site....I think. I ran Avast and its not showing any virus.

  birdface 08:45 21 Nov 2007

Try running this free scan from here Now if you are not sure how to use Comodo I would delete it and run Kerio Firewall instead,You get no pop ups asking you to allow or deny programs.And if the scan does not pick any thing up,I would delete Firefox Run C Cleaner then reinstall it again,

  birdface 08:48 21 Nov 2007

click here Full version for a month and if you don't want to pay for it ,it reverts back to the free version When downloading you want the simple version.

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