Firefox will not load!!

  ajm600 10:49 20 Apr 2010

Firefox White - then Black

I have used Firefox in preference to IE for about 2 years. Just recently Firefox occasionally refuses to open. It is in that state right now. There is an empty window frame (with the desktop inside it) and when the close button is pressed, the whole inside goes black. Then it justs sits there - all black. Only Ctrl-Alt-Del gets rid. I use RoboForm which I find really useful and which does not work on Opera or Chrome so I am loath to change and keep going back to FF in case it works. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Getting teed off. What can I do? I have uninstalled and reinstalled FF a couple of times to try to cure it to no avail. Any ideas?

  Im a diddy 11:17 20 Apr 2010

try disabling any add ons then retry again enabling one at a time.see if you can find if any of them are the culprit.
Have you tried mozilla firefox(safe mode)?
When you reinstalled was it a clean install.?
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  ajm600 12:33 20 Apr 2010

Thanks for the reply.
How do I get to add-ons if I can't open Firefox at all? They don't appear in Windows Explorer.
Also how do I get to FF safe mode?
The reinstall was as clean as I could make it. I deleted every reference to FF I could find - but I left Bookmarks, settings etc so that I would have something to come back to. Perhaps the problem lies there?

  Im a diddy 12:47 20 Apr 2010

try killing the firefox process via task manager or restart your computer.Then try starting Firefox again.
For Firefox safemode start>all programs>mozilla ff>safemode.

  ajm600 12:53 20 Apr 2010

Thanks again. FF opens beautifully in safe mode. Now what?

  Im a diddy 13:09 20 Apr 2010

go into tools> add ons>extensions and disable them whilst in safemode and restart.then try enabling one at a time,restarting ff between each add on that you enable.See if it flags up the add on that maybe causing your problem.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:25 20 Apr 2010

JAva developement add on tool is giving problems in the latest edition of FF, try disabling that.

  ajm600 13:35 20 Apr 2010

I disabled the latest Java console 6.0.19. Left the others. FF starts up fine. Thanks very much for all help.

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