Firefox on Vista?

  Rupstoh 15:20 24 Sep 2008

Can anyone confirm that Firefox doesn't work on Vista.

I am currently having problems with IE7 which keeps crashing and would like to load Firefox if I can do so with no problems.


  Halmer 15:27 24 Sep 2008

click here for the very latest version

  Zurdo 15:33 24 Sep 2008

I've never had any problems using Firefox with Vista SP1. I don't however use many add-ons, just the "standard" plugins like shockwave etc.

  sunny staines 15:39 24 Sep 2008

f/f version 3.0.2

works ok on vista here.

  DippyGirl 15:44 24 Sep 2008

Works a treat at Vista pre-SP1
- lots of add-ons
Upgraded to and reverted to V2 as performance was dreadful
Havent re-tried so dont know if it was my installation or the add-ons I run or a mix of both.
When I have time I will try again but try a uninstall/install/import as opposed to upgrade to see if that is any better
If i have to use IE now - even V7 - it feels so strange
- Give FF a go and see what you think ... what have you got to lose ?

  J B 15:52 24 Sep 2008

I had F/F version 3 and kept it for about a month, didn't like it and went back to Opera. I use IE7 as my default browser, but Opera has all that you would want without all the add-ons. J.B.

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