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Firefox Update.Version 32.0

  hiwatt 19:35 02 Sep 2014

Hi folks, Firefox has been updated to version 32.0,update from within firefox.Help/About Firefox.

  tullie 20:06 02 Sep 2014

Thanks,ive had this for quite sometime

  hiwatt 09:37 03 Sep 2014

No visible changes that I can see?

  muddypaws 09:47 03 Sep 2014

FF31 only recently became compatible with Kas. Safe Browsing so I will wait for a while me thinks.

  sunnystaines 12:21 03 Sep 2014

updated both firefox and chrome this week and pc went sluggish especially norton. all scans came clean, restart and ccleaner never helped.

checked ms updates small optional update and all ok. not sure if browser update had a bug.

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