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Firefox Update, files open

  Tycho 12:49 17 Aug 2007

Firefox started trying to update itself about a fortnight ago and said that it needed to shut down FF and restart it to complete the upgrade.

It seems that every time it tries it can't complete the update because I have applications open and/or the wrong permissions.

I believe that I have all the right permissions because I am logged on in the administrators' group and I have shut down all the applications that are running by CTRL-ALT-DEL and closing them before clicking on the OK button.

What is my next line of attack wit this one?

  rawprawn 13:39 17 Aug 2007

I think your best line of attack would be to uninstall it. Run CCleaner click here re download the latest version and reinstall it

  Tycho 17:47 17 Aug 2007

That sounds a good idea. Thanks folks


  Tycho 17:49 17 Aug 2007

Next question. Can you save the bookmarks in FF?


  Tycho 17:43 19 Aug 2007

Thanks Marg7.

It's easy when you know how but I had a real good look around and didn't find it!


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