Firefox update

  Digital 12:29 25 Jun 2010

Anyone had problems updating F'fox to 3.6.4? It fails a partial update, downloads the full version then says it can't find the licence agreement.

  Ibanez2010 12:42 25 Jun 2010

No probs here.

  Sbrads 18:00 25 Jun 2010

I had to manually get the full version as it couldn't update.

  Digital 17:44 26 Jun 2010

Thanks; I had to do the same Sbrads - with both my desktop & laptop, must be a bug in the update.

  bloo meeny 18:39 27 Jun 2010

3.6.6 is out now

  muddypaws 20:01 27 Jun 2010

Mine has just gone to 3.6.6. no probs.

  morddwyd 08:43 28 Jun 2010


As with the last update, "Update cannot be installed as you have a version of Firefox already running" (I haven't)

This now comes up every time I run firefox.

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