Firefox - unable to access extensions & themes

  hansa 20:33 10 Mar 2005

Obviously I have done something wrong as I am now unable to access new themes and extensions. Have tried unistalling and reinstalling with no improvement - still can't get them. Any ideas please?

  hansa 20:50 10 Mar 2005

Further to the above, now find I am unable to open Firefox at all. having to use IE - ugh!!

  about:blank 21:00 10 Mar 2005

try compleately uninstalling firefox, then go to programs folder, and delete any "firefox" folders.
Restart and try again.

  hansa 21:36 10 Mar 2005

Tks about:blank

Thought it was cracked, but no!
Uninstalled, cleared, reinstalled and it opened. Still no access to extensions though. Closed firefox and switched users to my wife's and all is working ok; opening and access to themes and extensions. Back to me and again it won't open.

I'm now going to get outside of a large glass of wine. If all else fails, drink on it!

  dagwoood 23:03 10 Mar 2005

Try this, navigate to this folder \Documents and Settings\"YourName\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\"Randomstring" and make a copy of this folder(in case of problems).

Now open the folder and delete the folders labelled "chrome" and "extensions".

Now launch Firefox and reinstall the themes extensions you use and see if that cures it.

HTH, dagwoood.

  The Sack 02:02 11 Mar 2005

You could always try a browser that works once in a while click here Firefox is pretty crap really lets be honest.

  octal 06:51 11 Mar 2005

Why is Firefox crap? Don't make a statement like that without justifying it, because you may have a valid point and we would like to hear the reason why.

Maxthon is just an IE skin, still with all the security vulnerabilities because it uses IE6, its not a stand-alone browser like Firefox

click here

  hansa 10:53 12 Mar 2005

tks dagwood. tried yr suggestion but ultimately unsuccessful. have now created a new identity for me and all working ok. very strange.

tks 2 all for their suggestions

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