Firefox text problem

  Fjellman 17:13 27 May 2005

Although I am running the latest version of Moziolla Firefox (1.0.4) I notice that on some webpages small areas of the text is scrambled. Has anyone else had this problem and is it fixable?

  octal 17:25 27 May 2005

I'm not quite sure what you mean by scrambled, do you mean the text is gibberish, or is it to small to read? If it is you can increase or decrease the size by holding down the Ctrl key and using the scroll wheel to increase or decrease the size.

If I've got that wrong, can you take a screen dump and post it here click here so we can see.

  Fjellman 19:26 27 May 2005

Couldn't get anywhere with your link.

No it is not text size that's the problem. When I say scrambled I mean that some of the text on the page appears to overlap and so is unreadable, but bear in mind that this is only on the occasional page and is only usually one or two small areas.

  octal 22:08 27 May 2005

Oh right, yes I think I know exactly what you mean. It's a pity this happens, its to do with the way Firefox renders the page. I don't think I would be too quick to blame Firefox, but more the web designer for not making sure their web page is compatible with the range of browsers available now-a-days, particularly Firefox, Opera and Netscape which is really Firefox with knobs on.

There really is no excuse not to check the web page on the most popular browsers because people are getting more aware about what is available.

So that is a long answer to say there is nothing you can do about it, apart from complaining the the web site designer, which does work sometimes.

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