Firefox still dead slow

  Ikarus 15:28 05 Mar 2012

I am running Win 7 with 8Gb memory FF10.2.2. Every thing takes an age to load with the progress bar at the bottom indicating "waiting for...". Even the initial connection to a site takes 30 seconds or so. Occasionally I get a message from AVG that FF is using excess memory 270Mb but I only have one tab open at any time. At present I have no "add-ons" loaded. Google Chrome loads all the same sites in a flash. My Netbook has no trouble with FF and operates normally. Any thoughts or suggestions please as I would prefer to go back to using FF if possible.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:34 05 Mar 2012

Worth uninstalling and reinstalling - back up your profile first but FF should retain it

  birdface 15:37 05 Mar 2012

Waiting is it just on the PCA Site or every site that you go to.It has been Like that on the PCA site occasionally for over a fortnight.

Maybe download and run Adblock Plus to see if that helps.

  Ikarus 16:01 05 Mar 2012

Buteman - Waiting is on every site. I get the impression that somewhere along the line there is a hiccup for some reason. Since this happens only with FF I suspect it is something within the programme but that is not supported when others say they have no problem.

Fruit Bat - I have uninstalled FF using Revo uninstaller and re-installed it at least twice but with no improvement.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:16 05 Mar 2012

Ok then maybe its your profile that is corrupt.

I suggest you back up your favourites and passwords then uninstall. during the uninstall it should ask if you wish to remove all files and folders - make sure you do this.

Then reinstall and retry

(may even be worth re downloading the latest version.)

  Woolwell 16:17 05 Mar 2012

Try creating a new profile (you will lose cookies, etc) Managing profiles

  birdface 21:17 05 Mar 2012

Posted this a few weeks ago and PCA took the blame for it but to tell the truth it has not gone away,Like you say it happens on most sites and not just PCA,Some are quicker than others but this just started about the same time as the latest Firefox update.

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