Firefox slows down on ebay

  johnem 23:05 16 Aug 2007

I have recently installed Firefox and found that now when I access my Ebay account, Firefox does not always finish loading the page. Tried to leave a feedback and unable to get to the feed back section. Used IE7 for the same process with no problem. I am sure it must be a setting on home computer as works one carries out the same process fine. I have uninstalled and re-installed Firefox with the same results. Any ideas please?

  johnem 08:00 17 Aug 2007


  johnem 10:40 17 Aug 2007


  johnem 16:55 17 Aug 2007


  octal 17:19 17 Aug 2007

First try clearing out the cache and cookies in case there is a corrupt file in there. If it still doesn't work then try creating a new Profile, this shows you how to create a new one click here

  johnem 21:28 17 Aug 2007

Thanks Octal, I will give that a try.

  johnem 22:16 22 Aug 2007

I have created a new profile and have the same results. Often, to get Ebay to display all of the page I have to hit F5 to refresh it and then the page appears to download correctly. I ahve also noticed that the activity bar near to the sys tray, does not always complete and stays with possibly "one bar" not filled and the round loading icon at the top right is still turning. There is obviously a setting that I have altered at some point in time that is causing mainly Ebay to not fully load.

  johnem 22:38 22 Aug 2007

I still have IE7 installed and set as default browser and have no problems accessing Ebay via this route.

  Snec 09:04 23 Aug 2007

I can't solve your problem with Firefox and it has never impressed me much and I've tried it on three different (spec)machines. And I have periodically retried it since as so many users think it is the bees-knees I thought I might be missing something. For me, it is just not that great.

The browser I now use all the time is Avant
click here

For me, it is the fastest browser I have ever used and it seems to present pages just as the web-author intended them to be seen. I suggest you try it and see if it is better than firefox for you.

  johnem 13:46 23 Aug 2007

Thanks Snec I will have a look at that.

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