Is FireFox slow today?

  muddypaws 10:13 02 Feb 2013

Taking for ever to load pages. Using Chrome at the moment.

FF 18.0.1. This version has been noticeably slower since I updated.

  tullie 10:34 02 Feb 2013

Not for me

  alanrwood 11:19 02 Feb 2013

Or for me

  muddypaws 11:56 02 Feb 2013

Oh well.

Not just this site but several others that open normally in Chrome and IE.

Thought it might have been the weekend gremlins!

Will run a few scans.


  spuds 12:11 02 Feb 2013

Have you run CCleaner or something similar lately?.

Perhaps the browser cache wants cleaning?.

I use Google Chrome on the PCA website and Firefox on many others, all seem to be working fairly good and fast today (fingers now crossed).

  muddypaws 12:24 02 Feb 2013


I run CC once a week and just run it again.

Usually get 30 or 40 errors today 130.

So we will see if things improve. Updated MWB a week ago. Have they changed their logo on the shortcut? It now looks like a blue CD with a chunk out the top and bottom. Don't think it was like that before.

  alanrwood 15:47 02 Feb 2013

Yes the MWB icon in the system Tray has changed as you describe.

  alanrwood 19:08 02 Feb 2013

I have both Foxit Reader and MWB installed on several machines and have no problems. I also have updated Java to 7.13 and still no problems.

What did your security pick up. Was it a PUP, If so it was probably a toolbar add on. I think the ASK Toolbar is offered in Foxit and Java but can'y remember which or if it was both.

  alanrwood 19:30 02 Feb 2013

Funny but I have ESET on most of my machines and no problems. Eset have just updated to version 6.0.308 available from eset or from within Eset if you haver Program updates activated.

  rdave13 19:42 02 Feb 2013

Jock1e , read your post with interest. I know you use a program for the 'start' option in win 8 and possibly don't see the Tile page. I don't use foxit anymore, have 'reader' from the tiles an have removed Java. Disabled Java in FF and it runs as good as ever.

  rdave13 20:41 02 Feb 2013

Jock1e 'reader' is already installed via the Start (Tiles) page in the 'Cloud', if you know what I mean. I posted the link just to show what 'Reader' can do. All of what Foxit can. Reader can do nothing if the start page is disabled by a third party program that disables parts of the OS.

In my humble opinion you are missing out what 8 can give by using it as 7.

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