Firefox scrollbar?

  mgblugs 19:04 17 Jan 2006

i recently installed the firefox browser but there is no horizontal scrollbar. I can't scroll horizontally after pressing my mouse scrollwheel either. Any ideas??

Ta in advance

  octal 19:37 17 Jan 2006

I haven't got one either, it depends on your screen resolution or the particular web page you are viewing is to whether you see a horizontal scroll bar or not, are you having problems viewing the pages?

  mgblugs 19:45 17 Jan 2006

If I open the same page in i.e. and firefox and the page is wider than the screen there is a scrollbar in i.e. but not firefox.

  VoG II 19:46 17 Jan 2006

Can you post an example of a site that does this please?

  mgblugs 19:48 17 Jan 2006

It does this with click here (but only with pages too wide, obviously!)

  mgblugs 20:00 17 Jan 2006

Heres a fine example click here

  octal 20:00 17 Jan 2006

Here is a screen shot of that page with my Firefox click here

Can you post a shot of yours so we can see what it looks like, you can upload it to this site click here

  octal 20:05 17 Jan 2006

That one hasn't got scroll bars either click here but I can see the whole page.

What screen resolution are you using?

  mgblugs 20:06 17 Jan 2006

1024 x 768

  octal 20:07 17 Jan 2006

Thats should be OK.

  mgblugs 20:11 17 Jan 2006

I did try to upload the url to imageshack but it says "not allowed" It's the left of the screen that's chopped. I'll tinker with the resolution

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