Firefox Quantum - Has anyon tried this? Thoughts?

  AroundAgain 17:09 14 Nov 2017

Hi Much as the subject suggests, in that there seems to be a new version of Firefox that is claimed to be much faster and lighter

Has anyone tried this yet and, if so, what's the verdict, please? I thought I'd ask your opinions first, if you don't mind, before installing it (I've already got a lot installed so would rather not install it unless it's a marked improvement on Firefox (normal version) ;)

Many thanks

  alanrwood 18:51 14 Nov 2017

Yes I have installed it on 5 machines. On 3 of them it works fine but on 2 I have a problem that it keeps erroring that it can't find the url and on eBay for example it will not show the photos of the items I have ordered. It is not a problem with the profile as I have copied it from one that works to one that doesn't. The funny thing is that the machines that don't work are the two that I have done a clean reinstall of Win10 FCU.

  AroundAgain 22:20 14 Nov 2017

Thanks, AlanWood It's very interesting that it works well on your machines that have upgraded rather than the 2 machines that you've done clean install on.

I hope these teething problems get fixed soon enough. I doubt I'll have time to install this browser for a few days so will be interesting to hear other opinions too.

Thanks very much

  Forum Editor 22:51 14 Nov 2017

I have it installed on one machine at present. I haven't had time to carry out a full assessment yet, but my first impressions is that it's blindingly fast.

  AroundAgain 23:05 14 Nov 2017


Wow, that certainly sounds encouraging :)

I'm hoping it still has the various features I use but I'll only know if I install it ;)

As I said to AR, I haven't the time to install it just now but, hopefully, in a few days, I'll be able to test it out

Thanks very much

  Govan1x 00:00 15 Nov 2017

Just gave it a try and agree with our Forum Editor. Very fast, I dont like the colour of the Toolbar and task bar but I suppose I will get used to it.

So far so good.

  mikef. 09:09 15 Nov 2017

Installed it yesterday, seems a lot quicker, but having to get used to the different lay out and had to find some alternative add ons, especially one for case changer which I use a lot when I forget to change my caps lock

  difarn 11:36 15 Nov 2017

Yes. We have it on two Windows 7 PC's and it seems very fast. No problems so far.

  AroundAgain 11:56 15 Nov 2017

Sounds good, thanks. At least you're not reporting lots of errors or problems ;) Thanks very much guys. I very much appreciate your opinions and confidence in it ;) Julie

  Menzie 12:32 15 Nov 2017

Mine updated last night, very snappy. Some add-ons don't work but they will either update or alternatives will appear.

  Pine Man 13:01 15 Nov 2017

I am using it on both my PC and Mac. Certainly seems faster on the PC but slower than Safari on the Mac.

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