A FireFox puzzlement

  jack 09:14 08 Nov 2008

FireFox on my machine seem to have undergone a subtle change of late- the most noticable part being the Bookmarks folder, whereby my previous list has changed to a new configuration- and for me seem not want to work and the original list has gone away.
That answer it seemed to me would be to un-install and revert to the previous installation [system restore not working- as usual]
When I went to Control/uninstall and highlighted the program the notation said ' Version 3.0.03 Last used 29/10.which was about the time of the change.
This is the version that comes up now as I type.
So why is it listed as 'last used' when in fact it is in current use?
So in short do I delete and re install or now and would it make any difference if I did?

  Stuartli 09:28 08 Nov 2008

IIRC Version 3.0.3 itself was updated within a day or so due to a security or other issue.

  Sea Urchin 09:38 08 Nov 2008

The Add/Remove function is notorious for being quite inaccurate - programs run daily say "Never Used" and vice versa

click here

  DippyGirl 10:48 08 Nov 2008

If you want to try and fix before re-installing you may want to look at Lost Bookmarks click here
- several scenarios coverd

Also MozBackup click here can help with backup/restore

  jack 15:33 08 Nov 2008

I uninstalled it and profile
Then went to my External HDD where I keep programs of all sorts and re installed an earlier version of FF- and the progressively rebuilt it.
I shall have to watch out for updates that want to make changes I do not like and prevent them loading

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