Firefox Pug In check not working

  Zurdo 10:44 06 Feb 2013

I've just updated to Firefox 18.02 and the plug in update checker isn't showing. I reverted to 18.01 and it's not there either anymore. Anybody else having problems?

  Zurdo 11:03 06 Feb 2013

Just checked my wife's computer and update checker isn't working on hers either. Will try your suggestion later, thanks.

  Zurdo 11:07 06 Feb 2013

Jock1e...............did you click on "check to see if your plugins are up to date"? I'm just getting the page with no plugin details showning.

  muddypaws 11:48 06 Feb 2013

I have just updated to 02 from 01 and under Tools/Add-ons the checker is at the top of the 'Add-ons Manager screen in blue

Never noticed it before, but it's there.

  Zurdo 11:56 06 Feb 2013

That's the one muddypaws................what happens when you click it?

  Pine Man 12:19 06 Feb 2013

what happens when you click it?

In my case another window opens but the plugins are not shown like they used to.

  Zurdo 12:29 06 Feb 2013

Thanks Pineman.............exactly as in my case. Must be a fault at their end. I'll tick resolved and hope the checker works soon. Thanks to all. :-)

  muddypaws 12:57 06 Feb 2013


Sorry--didn't go that far. It is as per Pine Man.

  difarn 13:12 06 Feb 2013

The blue wording is there but leads to a blank page. There is a thread Firefox support forum that says there is a server problem that they are attempting to address.

  Zurdo 15:27 06 Feb 2013

Jock1e: The plug in checker is under Tools>Add-ons> the top is a blue instruction to "check to see if your plugins are up to date" Click here and it opens another window which is supposed to list plugins and the details......whether they are up to date etc. As others have said this page isn't loading correctly at the moment. I always download the latest version (english-gb), then unstall the current one and install the latest. That way I keep a copy to revert to if necessary. Thanks.

  muddypaws 15:56 06 Feb 2013

I think this latest version (18.0.02) is the first version that hasn't listed plug ins that are not compatible.

So I might refrain from updating any for a while.

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