Firefox Problem following Windows Updates

  Newuser939 15:51 19 Oct 2014

A few days ago my Windows 7 laptop installed the monthly batch of Microsoft updates and, at about the same time, an update to Acrobat Reader. Since then Firefox will not open properly. All I get is a dark grey screen and nothing else. I have done an uninstall/re-install but that produced exactly the same result. Everything else (including Internet Explorer and Google Chrome) is working normally. I am not sufficiently bothered to do a system restore and then re-install the updates one by one to identify the problem, but was just wondering whether anyone else had had a similar problem, and, if so, what the explanation was.

  Newuser939 10:07 20 Oct 2014

Jock1e Thank you for that, but as Firefox will not open properly at all, I cannot get into Help.

  spuds 10:37 20 Oct 2014

"I have done an uninstall/re-install but that produced exactly the same result"

Most likely that on re-install , there are remnants left over from the previous version, and the new re-install is only updating the previous version.

How did you try to remove Firefox?.

Might be an idea to give Revo Uninstaller a try, in the attempt to remove the previous Firefox's.

Have you also tried a previous restore point, to see if that helps.

  Newuser939 13:37 21 Oct 2014

Spuds, Thank you for that. However, I did the uninstall using the most aggressive setting on Revo Uninstaller, so I don't think it can be due to a remnant being left behind. You are, of course, quite right that I could do a system restore, but that would also remove all the Microsoft updates, and I am not that concerned in view of the fact that everything else is working fine, including all other browsers.

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