Firefox problem

  Joe R 20:47 13 Jan 2006

Hi all,
My problem is that when I access the pc advisor website, everything is fine until the microsoft advert at the top of each page, runs it's streaming Java/flash animation.(if that is how it is done).

Then I cannot access the top half dozen or so threads, at the top of each page, as the cursor does not change, to allow me to click on the title.

As I say, it only seems to be at the top of each forum, and only in Firefox. (I.E. has no problems)

Anyone have any ideas what may be causing this. I am running firefox 1.5 on XP home.

  VoG II 20:49 13 Jan 2006

I don't know because I use click here

  rômanab 20:49 13 Jan 2006

Same here :o(

  Joe R 20:52 13 Jan 2006


I also run adblock, but it doesn't seem to be stopping this one.

  VoG II 20:56 13 Jan 2006

Ah, I also run a hosts file click here

  Skills 20:57 13 Jan 2006

You're not alone click here

  Joe R 21:10 13 Jan 2006


The hosts file worked a treat. Once again I owe you a pile of the frothing ale.

Thank you and regards. Joe

  Joe R 21:16 13 Jan 2006


for "pile" read "pint"

  CurlyWhirly 00:29 14 Jan 2006

I also get that symptom.
I am currently using Firefox version 1.5

  flimbo 00:40 14 Jan 2006

No problems here using FF1.5 and Adblock Plus. It works better than the old Adblock.

  CurlyWhirly 01:09 14 Jan 2006

I have just installed Adblock and after whitelisting the whole site, I can now once again click on all the links!

I can still see the adverts (which is no problem) but they no longer affect being able to click on the links.

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