Firefox & PCA Forum Pages

  Pine Man 14:54 27 Apr 2009

I have the same problem as others with the blue borders on the PCA Forum site pages, which disappear after a split second.

I have now found out that if JavaScript is disabled in Options/Content this problem doesn't occur and pages complete instantly.

What is JavaScript needed for?

Should I leave it disabled or just disable it for this site?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:08 27 Apr 2009

Java script is to enable some web content to play in your browsers.

Download the addon Noscript to control the way Firefox uses java content It will also get rid of the adverts on a lot of sites (including this one) for you.

  Pine Man 15:09 27 Apr 2009

...I've found out. Lots of sites don't open properly with JavaScript disabled:-(

I'll just have to put up with the initial 'blue' PCA pages - unless anyone else has found a way to cure it.

Funnily enough it used to do it with IE8 but using the 'compatibility' setting cured it.

  Pine Man 15:10 27 Apr 2009

You were typing as I was thinking - and then typing!

I'll have a look at your suggestion.

Many thanks.

  InTheCity 15:11 27 Apr 2009

if firefox adblock plus add on cures it.
click here

  Pine Man 15:21 27 Apr 2009

.. Noscript did the trick. All I've got to do now is 'educate' all my favourites.

  TonyV 20:06 27 Apr 2009

If you check here:- click here I reckon it has now been cured via Firefox. Certainly on mine it is no longer coming up with the blue margins.


  TonyV 23:38 27 Apr 2009

Sorry, it was a false alarm. It was OK for a few times then it reverted back to the margin problem.


  Pine Man 08:11 28 Apr 2009

I tried it but no joy.

I am now being offered 3.5 beta4!

But greasemonkey will not work:-(

  Pine Man 08:45 28 Apr 2009

....I was offered 3.5 beta4 as an update before I downloaded and now I'm not being offered it any more?

  Pine Man 08:56 28 Apr 2009

Now I'm thoroughly confused. I downloaded what I thought was Firefox 3.0.10 and installed it but according to Windows Explorer I have installed Firefox 3.1 Beta3?

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