FireFox page not showing properly

  MuDelta 18:01 05 Nov 2011

In FireFox, when I open which is a Norway based weather site with a map, the map, most of the colour, and other features are missing. On another computer it opens normally. I have tried various other pages and they are all normal.

The Error Console has two messages:-

Error: Permission denied for to get property Window.getComputedStyle

Error: yr is not defined Source File: Line: 3

I don't know what these mean.


How To restore normal service?


  Graphicool1 18:46 05 Nov 2011

Your link works for me, as you say it should...

This is on Windows 7 - FF7 - & - IE8

It would appear to be a Java Script (js) problem and I don't have Java installed on my PC. Check the PC you say it ran on and see if that has Java?

  MuDelta 19:31 05 Nov 2011

Thanks Graphicool1

I looked uo Java script errors in FireFox and this solved it:-

Thanks for your pointer.


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