Is firefox now finished as the best browser?

  manrow 08:58 16 Jun 2012

I ask because I have been using firefox as the preferred browser since it first appeared some years ago.

Unfortunately all 4 of my computers were set to auto update and now 3 of them are unusable as firefox 'hangs' after the most recent update. The fourth was saved as I managed to turn off update before disaster happened.

I spent much time yesterday to put things right but so far have failed. All the advice on the firefox site is that downloading an earlier version is not the answer; why not?

I am seriously considering Chrome instead.

  Nontek 12:44 22 Jun 2012

PS - I also have Incredimail and Skype running (but not in use at the moment) in Task Manager, each showing 0% CPU.

  Batch 12:15 23 Jun 2012

If you aren't actively running anything else I would expect idle to be 99% and everything else to be 0% apart from Task Manager and your browser maybe occasionally rising to 1% (that's what I get with Chrome, even on a relatively old Pentium 4 single core 3GHz processor).

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