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Is firefox now finished as the best browser?

  manrow 08:58 16 Jun 2012

I ask because I have been using firefox as the preferred browser since it first appeared some years ago.

Unfortunately all 4 of my computers were set to auto update and now 3 of them are unusable as firefox 'hangs' after the most recent update. The fourth was saved as I managed to turn off update before disaster happened.

I spent much time yesterday to put things right but so far have failed. All the advice on the firefox site is that downloading an earlier version is not the answer; why not?

I am seriously considering Chrome instead.

  robin_x 10:15 16 Jun 2012

Old versions at Filehippo

No need to uninstall usually. Just double click the new (old) setup file.

Should you wish to delve further and possibly use Revo, Mozbackup can backup various categories of settings of your current profiles first.

Easy to restore if anything goes wrong.

Personally, I have thought about changing broswer. FF is a tad sluggish for me (but not too bad).

But I really like all my add-ons and how it is setup. Not all add-ons are available or compatible on other browsers. I'll probably stay put for a while.

  spuds 13:23 16 Jun 2012

Interesting that you mention the problem after the latest update.

I had a similar 'hanging' problem, but for some unexplained reason its all returned back to normal.

Perhaps something to keep an eye on?.

would mention that I now use Firefox and Chrome as my preferred browser's, if anything Internet Explorer seems to have lost its edge. There as been a mention of Maxthon, which appears to be an IE clone, which I am now going to try and test!.

  Ian in Northampton 13:27 16 Jun 2012

Chrome is the future... ;-)

  SB23 15:58 16 Jun 2012

For me, Firefox is the best!. IE, whichever versions I use, don't respond, Chrome locks my pc, and even my BB supplier Aol, has its bad days, today being one of them. By using my Aol connection, but not its own software, Firefox works every time.

  Zurdo 17:43 16 Jun 2012

I always download the latest version of Firefox then install after uninstalling the older version and have never had any problems. It also has the advantage that if the newer version is buggy you still have a copy of the old one.

  Zurdo 10:53 18 Jun 2012

Spoke too soon! Firefox 13 is crashing after the latest flash update with the message "container plugin has stopped working in firefox" after closing firefox. Seems a common problem. I've gone back to Firefox 12 and it seems ok now. There's a newer Firefox 13.01 updatebut the problem is still there on some machines apparently.

  Batch 12:05 18 Jun 2012

When I got fed up with the lack of responsiveness from IE, I tried Opera.

I really liked Opera, but found that far too many sites did not work well with Opera. Opera's stance on this was (and maybe still is) that their offering was highly compliant and that the problem lay with the websites rather than Opera. But that didn't really help me.

So I tried Chrome and have stuck with it ever since. It is extremely fast (as is Opera). The only real downside is that the Bookmarks (aka Favourites) handling isn't the best.

Opera has a vast multitude of user settings that you can set. Chrome has very very few.

On the odd occasion that Chrome has a compatibility issue with a site, I switch back to IE and oh what an absolute pain it is. Apart from being painfully slow, it constantly switches focus back to itself time and time again and so interferes with my flow. That was something that always really bugged me about IE and Chrome (and Opera) were a real breath of fresh air.

  Strawballs 19:53 18 Jun 2012

I use Chrome most of the time as I have quite a few foriegn friends and I find the right click translate this page facility very useful, when at work which uses IE I forget sometimes and wonder where it has gone when right clicking!

  manrow 12:22 22 Jun 2012

Having taken your advice buteman, I opened Task Manager first, before opening firefox. The cpu operation jumped from under 10% to over 50% and stayed there until I closed firefox down.

Could others who are still using firefox successfully advise how much cpu rises when selecting firefox in this way please?

  Nontek 12:39 22 Jun 2012

I use Firefox, currently V.13.0.1 on Win7

I have just Opened FF after starting Task Manager - CPU usage for FF is fluctuating between 0% - 3%, I am quite happy with that.

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