Firefox nightmare

  jennydog 12:33 10 Nov 2011

I tried Firefox it was a nightmare, I deleated it - but it is everywhere in my computer. I cant use my Yahoo mail properly, I can't change settings in Tools- security.No mater what site I want to use it turns out as a restricted site.Anyone able to help ? Please

  gengiscant 12:43 10 Nov 2011

Firefox is nothing more than a browser if you removed via Add and Remove I am puzzled as to why you say it is everywhere. Could you post a few more details? This is what you are talking about? Firefox

  jennydog 13:07 10 Nov 2011

yes gengiscant thats the firefox I have. By everywhere I mean it changed everything I was, and still trying to do.I did not have a problem opening or useing any site until I loaded firefox, even run search has changed,the little boxes / search places have gone - just a blank space now- except for the dog wondering what to do.I get messages about browser settings - Active something or other need to be changed.I'm sorry if I'm wrong,but it's only gone heels up since firefox.

  gengiscant 13:19 10 Nov 2011

It would not have changed the Windows search but a nastie may well have, I presume that you are now using Internet Explorer if so which one? In IE 8 try this to reset it.Reset IE 8 IE 9 and run your anti virus etc.

  jennydog 13:44 10 Nov 2011

I lost everything again - taken ages to get back here-sorry,I had upgraded to IE8- MAYBE thats where it all went wrong?? l'll try that link you've given- I've got to go out now so I might be some time. Thank you for your time so far.

  northumbria61 14:44 10 Nov 2011

Try clearing Firefox out with REVO UNINSTALLER. When deleted and if you still want to use Firefox (I use nothing else but Firefox) you can choose from this list which version you want to install.enter link description here If you do reinstall you can turn off the check for Automatic updates to Firefox via Tools - Options -Advanced Tab - under "Auto Check for Updates to Firefox" UNCHECK "Firefox" box.

I have version 7.0.1 and have no plans to update to V.8 at present. New versions quite often have problems until "ironed out" which is why I avoid them like the plague.

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