firefox keeps failing

  johnnyrocker 16:09 30 Nov 2012

it has worked fine for some time and just lately the problem i have with it is thatit will work ok on the day of use but when i come to try it later in the day or the next it fails to open, i have un-installed and re installed several times with the same effect prevailing. ie when installed works fine try next day and it will not open. have run several scans with no effect.

IE 8 Xp pro SP3 sygate firewall avg anti virus

  spuds 17:05 30 Nov 2012

I have Firefox installed on one of my main machines, but over the past two days the webpages have began to crash, with an error message that a detail report will be sent to Firefox.

Haven't done any recent update to Firefox, but seeing this help request, as made me wonder?.

Like the originator of the thread, all checks appear fine.

  rdave13 20:31 30 Nov 2012

Next time it fails to start try pressing and holding the shift key then clicking on the icon. Firefox should then open in 'safe mode', ie., no add-ons or extensions running. If it opens OK then you will have to apply each add-on/extension one at a time to find the culprit.

  johnnyrocker 20:54 30 Nov 2012

my thanks for the tips so far will work with them and see how far i get


  johnnyrocker 12:01 01 Dec 2012

i have found what may have been a nasty (browser manager?) not listed anywhere but have disallowed it by firewall so will reinstall and see what happens


  johnnyrocker 12:21 01 Dec 2012

have downloaded ff18 still will not open.

Rdave holding the shift key only works with pc in safe mode if that helps?


  rdave13 13:20 01 Dec 2012

Try installing Chrome and see if you can import your bookmarks. I'd then go to dr yes' link and do a clean reinstall, this would mean removing your profile folder, as well, so you will lose everything, including your passwords, bookmarks add-ons etc. Hopefully you have a written record of your most important passwords.

  johnnyrocker 13:22 01 Dec 2012

ran malwarebytes which found nothing security centre shows windows firewall on but cant turn off as it says is on by default according to microsoft.


  difarn 13:56 01 Dec 2012

I see that you are running FF18 - is this the beta version? Were you running 17.1 before you downloaded this version?

  johnnyrocker 18:50 01 Dec 2012

difarn yes i was previously running 17 but thought the beta 18 might be a way out of the problem


will try your idea now

thanks to all who have shown an interest


  johnnyrocker 18:56 01 Dec 2012

additionally i keep getting a message about a script running which could make machine faulty and would i like to disable it?


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