Firefox and Java plug-ins

  Senile Syd 17:00 17 Jan 2005

I have two Java-based "What's New" tickertapes on my website. Since I recently dropped IE6.0 in favour of Mozilla Firefox as my default browser, I can no longer see either of them.

It seems I need to download a Java plug-in, namely J2SE50. However, my attempt to d/l produced an error message stating that the Java Installer "...cannot proceed with the current Internet Connection proxy settings. Please check the Installation Notes for more information."

Proxy settings, etc. are a closed book to me, and I'd be grateful if someone would kindly advise what I should do next. Also where do I find the Installation Notes?

I'm running XP Home ed. + SP2 on BB via a Creative Router/Modem.


  The Sack 17:33 17 Jan 2005

Use IE6 and Maxthon, you will get all the firefox features but with the stability and compatability of IE6. Firefox isn’t the messiah everyone thinks it is and most people only go to it because its *cool* to knock IE.

  Senile Syd 18:04 17 Jan 2005

Thanks for your prompt response. I take your point about the Firefox bandwagon and the 'I hate MS' brigade. However, it does seem to me that FF is inherently less risky than IE — if only because the zillions of people using IE present a more tempting target for the scum-writers to aim at.

I'm grateful for your suggestion, but I'll wait a while to see whether anyone is able to provide a solution. The fact that none of the growing number of Firefox users who view my website can see the tickertapes means that I need a 'fix' that I can use myself and/or recommend to them.

Many thanks.

  LeadingMNMs 18:20 17 Jan 2005

You can manually get the Java environment click here

Obviously no browser is perfect, they all have their faults, however Firefox is probably the best. IE is not a bad browser, but it does not comply with the guidelines and does not support the latest standards (for example it will not open an XHTML page with a .xhtml extension).

  Senile Syd 20:54 17 Jan 2005

Thanks. I now have the Java environment but the problem persists — except that I've now lost the tickertapes in both Firefox *and* IE.

I found a 'Browsers' tab in the Java Control Panel and discovered that Mozilla wasn't checked so I checked it, and got a panel saying 'Unable to Change Browser Settings.'

Any ideas, anyone? I now have that uncomfortable feeling that I'm in 'way over my depth...

  Senile Syd 20:54 17 Jan 2005


  Senile Syd 21:05 17 Jan 2005

... or 'way out of my head' perhaps... :>)

  LeadingMNMs 00:24 18 Jan 2005

I have no idea how to get it working in Firefox, though you should be able to sort IE out.

Navigate to Internet Options > Advanced tab > Scroll down to 'Java (Sun)' and remove the tick from the 'Use J???? for <applet>'

  Senile Syd 13:54 18 Jan 2005

Thanks for your help. I wasn't able to do what you suggested, as the only Java-related tickboxes that I could find under the Advanced tab of Internet Options in IE's Tools menu (am I in the right place?) are:
- 'Java console enabled'
- 'Java logging enabled' and
- 'JIT compiler for virtual machine enabled'. They're grouped under the heading 'Microsoft VM' and only the third one is ticked.

However, I now find that both of my tickertapes are working normally in IE and one of them — just one — is now working under Firefox as well! (I'm not at all sure what I did to bring this about.) The two applets have identical source codes, and the notation 'Applet scrolltext started' is displayed in the lower L/H corner of each page. The Java Control Panel is still telling me that it's "... unable to change Browser settings" when I select Mozilla in the Browsers tab.

No doubt I'm doing summat stupid or failing to do summat obvious. I think I'll just put me foot through the bloody thing...

Many thanks, LeadingMNMs If you can suggest anything else I might try, I'd be most grateful.

  jimmer409® 19:07 18 Jan 2005

save yourself loads of bother, go back to ie6, it's the best bar none.

  LeadingMNMs 19:23 18 Jan 2005

Fairly obvious, but is Java enabled in Firefox.

The options in Tools > Options > Web Features.

Though I'm not sure if its been installed correctly. I'm sure that it should appear under 'Advanced' in Internet Options, according to click here . I certainly don't have any of the Microsoft Virtual Machine settings in there, that you have.

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