Firefox and IE on same PC

  NormanD 15:31 18 Feb 2005

After reading through the threads already available on the subject of using Firefox as my browser I would like to give it a try. Can I install Firefox, try it out then uninstall it if I decide to stick with IE? Can I have both Firefox and IE installed and use Firefox for browsing and Outlook Express for e-mail? Any comments will be most welcome - Norman

  Yoda Knight 15:36 18 Feb 2005

In a word -YES ! U can run them side by side and uninstall later. Outlook wont be affected as firefox doesnt do email - u would need to install thunderbird (mozilla email app) seperatly to get your email through

  Yoda Knight 15:36 18 Feb 2005

Note that I'm not saying u have to load thunderbird - u can just leave outlook on ur system working as normal

  SANTOS7 15:39 18 Feb 2005

click here
some good info here but like most others once installed i would be surprised if you reverted back to IE, Itis a far more secure browser and since i installed it sometime ago my spyware tools are nearly redundant, it dramatically cuts the ammount of spy/malware you get,good luck.........

  webber_man 15:48 18 Feb 2005

What they said!

I have been using it for a month or so now and although i still have IE installed i don't use it, Firefox is much better, seems quicker and is better with downloads. The only thing i miss are the little noises that IE makes when you click on a link etc.!

  Stuartli 16:27 18 Feb 2005

I don't think you will regret installing Firefox - I haven't after several months' use.

In fact why not go the whole distance and install Thunderbird as well? You can import OE as well as IE settings.

Think of the time saved downloading security and safety patches for IE and OE?

Even so I still do so - just in case...:-)

  NormanD 17:03 18 Feb 2005

Yoda Knight, SANTOS7, webber_man, Stuartli.
Many thanks for your swift responses. I'll give it a try. - Norman

  NormanD 17:22 18 Feb 2005

Thanks again for your responses. Have downloaded and installed Firefox, and am now using it to acess this Forum. Norman

  SANTOS7 17:23 18 Feb 2005

GUD innit!!!

  NormanD 22:32 18 Feb 2005

Yes - I particularly like the idea of the tabs, and being able to switch easily and quickly between a number of pages.

  octal 22:36 18 Feb 2005

Try the extensions in Tools, also if your spelling is duff like mine you might find this useful:

click here

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